Amanita Bunker

// regarding the current times some of the promoted submission deadlines may be postponed
// some curators may take more time than usual to give you heads notice on received artwork as they may be putting it under quarantine

Amanita Bunker

// At this 2020’s edition, the Amanita Bunker exhibition returns to the streets of this small village reinforcing the artistic bombings of the previous editions. Authors are invited to create artwork regarding the requested theme and join the yearly Mushroom Festival.

// Amanita Bunker, wears robes of a fictional political party. The Amanites manifest themselves and demand distinction and promise improvements on the village. In the form of stickers, pins, posters, slogans, political propaganda and other equally ridiculous but serious paraphernalia ... artists are invited to participate by sending works that will eventually be scattered through the streets in the form of propaganda.

// We do ask you to add somewhere on the artwork the hashtag #AMANITABUNKER.

DEADLINE 01.11.2020